• bumblebees at work

  • recurrent selection - quick improvement for resistance to anthracnose in red clover

     left: improved variety
    right: initial population

  • rust in Kentucky bluegrass

  • selection for tolerance to temporary drought stress

  • germination test

  • cold storage

  • germinator

EUCARPIA 2021 Registration & Payment





Payment by Bank Transfer

Bayerische Landesbank München
Brienner Straße 18
D-80333 München

IBAN: DE75 7005 0000 0001 1903 15

always state in the reference line:
(Otherwise no confirmation of your bank transfer can be sent)  

- PK-Nr.: 2523.5400.4431
- first name and
- family name


Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture (LfL)
Institute for Crop Science and Plant Breeding
Forage Plant research - Breeding and Grassland Systems (IPZ 4b)

Dr. Stephan Hartmann

E-mail: Stephan.Hartmann@LfL.Bayern.de
Phone: +49 8161 71 3650
Fax: +49 8161 71 4305

If the online form above is blocked by security-settings of your IT, please use this PDF-file

Confirmation of your payment will be given the following Monday after your payment.
(Feedback to the e-mail adress in the registration formular)


  • They must always be notified in written form to (LfL/IPZ 4b). 
  • Right to total payback is applied only if notification is done 60 days before the Congress inauguration date.  
  • 50% payback will be applied in case that notification is done 30 days before the Congress inauguration date. 
  • Cancellations notified after these dates will have no right to any payback.